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Singapore Airlines Pet Policy | Fees




Are you thinking about taking a vacation with your beloved pet? The good news is that Singapore Airlines will let you fly with your pet. The Singapore Airlines pet policy allows you to travel with your pet on the same flight. Service and emotional support pets are eligible to travel in the cabin class. The information provided here will be helpful to you during your pet reservation.   

What is Singapore Airlines Pet Policy?

As per the Singapore Airlines pet policy, pets can travel as checked baggage or in the cargo area. Under the guidelines, pets are not allowed in the cabin class except service pets. Service and emotional support dogs can travel in cabin class for a fee. You must contact the airline at least 14 days before your departure. Pregnant pets are not eligible to travel on the flight due to safety reasons.   

Are there any additional fees for traveling with pets on Singapore Airlines?

Yes, per Singapore Airlines' pet travel rules, you will be charged a pet fee based on your pet's weight. You must pay the pet fee according to the piece concept, the fee ranges between 120-350 dollars per piece. Whereas, the airline will charge you 5-56 dollars per kg, if the pet pee applies as per the weight concept.  

How can I book a flight for my pet on Singapore Airlines?

To make a pet reservation with Singapore Airlines, you must contact the airline sales team at least 14 days before your departure. You will need to provide them with some required details about your pet such as species and breed details, name, gender, age, color, weight, container weight, and container dimensions. You must visit the local office for a pet reservation and submit the pet vaccination certificate.   

What are the restrictions for pets on Singapore Airlines?

There are some restrictions for pets on Singapore Airlines; the restricted pets are not eligible to fly on flights. Let's review the restrictions for pet reservations.

  • You will have to inform the airline at least 14 days before your scheduled departure. 
  • Singapore Airlines does not accept pets in the cabin class. 
  • However, service dogs and emotional support animals can travel into the cabin class.     
  • The pet fee will apply to you according to the piece or weight concept. 
  • You must submit the vaccination certificate by visiting the Singapore airline office. 
  • The pet should not be less than 3 months old.    
  • Dog breed restriction 

    • Akita
    • Boston Terrier
    • Boxer
    • Brussels Griffon (Petit Brabancon)
    • Chow Chow
    • Shih Tzu
    • Dogo Argentino
    • Boerboel
    • Mastiffs, including Neapolitan and Dogue de Bordeaux
    • Shih Tzu
    • Fila Brasileiro
    • Japanese Chin (Chin, Japanese Spaniels, Japanese Pug)
    • Lhasa Apso
    • Perro De Presa Canario
    • Shar-Pei
    • Tosa

A Guide to Pet-Friendly Services on Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines permits pets on the flight, which may travel as checked baggage. However, Singapore Airlines transfers pets in the cargo area. If you want to fly with your pet on the Singapore flight, you must contact the airline management team. The cats and dogs are eligible to travel as checked baggage. Remember that, if your pet weighs more than 32 kg, the airline will not accept your pet in the cargo area. You can pay the pet fee at the ticket counter or during check-in.     

Pet Travel as Checked-in Baggage

Your pet is allowed to fly on the same aircraft as checked baggage. Here are certain conditions that you must complete if your pet travels as checked baggage. 

  • Only cats and dogs are entitled to travel as checked baggage. 
  • The pet will not be acceptable if it is less than 3 months old. 
  • Under the Singapore Airlines pet policy, up to 32 kg pets are allowed on the flight. 
  • You must share pet health-related documents such as vaccinations and health certificates., with the airline 
  • You will have to make a pet reservation 14 days before your departure.
  • Pay the pet reservation fee in the check-in area. 
  • You must check in with your pet 2-3 hours before your departure, which depends on your route type.       

Pet Travel In-cabin

According to Singapore Airlines' pet travel policy, pets are not allowed in cabin class. However, this airline allows service dogs and emotional support animals to be in the cabin. One more thing about the cabin class terms and conditions is that you may travel with your emotional or service dog free of charge.      

Pet Travel In-cargo

Singapore Airlines will transfer pets into the cargo space for those pets who are unable to meet cabin class requirements. The following terms and conditions apply to cargo pets. 

  • Pets under three months will not be accepted on the flight.
  • Over 32 kg of pets are allowed in the cargo area.
  • Large dogs or cats will be transferred to the cargo area.   
  • You must submit pet health-related documents to the airline, such as health certificates, vaccination certificates, etc. 
  • You will have to visit the Singapore Airlines cargo office to make a pet reservation.   
  • In the cargo area, the airline will not allow your pet to travel in the cargo space if it comes under the restricted pet categories.

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