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Turkish Airlines Pet Policy and Travel Fees




Have you made plans for an outing? Why not! Taking a vacation from the hectic daily work is essential.  When you own pets, you don't have much to do, as pets are welcome to fly in cargo or cabin on all airlines. 

What Are the Turkish Airlines Pet Policy Conditions?

You may bring a domestic dog, cat, or small songbirds like parakeets, budgies, parrots, pigeons, goldfinches, and canaries on Turkish Airlines as checked baggage, manifest goods, or in the cabin. Your pet reservation must be made and confirmed at least six hours before departure.

Turkish Airlines' Pet Policy in Cabin

According to Turkish Airline's pet policy, the only animals permitted to travel in the cabin are cats, dogs, and small songbirds (budgies and canaries).

The parameters like weight and size of the pet along with their carrier should not exceed 8 kg and 23×30×40cm (height. length), respectively. A size constraint is given so that the carrier can fit under your seat and you can be with your pet the whole time. For your pet to travel in the passenger cabin, it must be at least 10 weeks old.

A Turkish Airlines pet fee will be charged to you for flying your pet.

Two animals are allowed in one carrier, provided they are of the same species and have the same living habits. The only condition is that both animals and their carriers should not exceed 8 kg.

Turkish Required Documentation

For dogs and cats, the Pet Vaccination Card must include complete identity information; for birds, it must have a current flight certificate.

The rabies vaccines mentioned on the vaccination report should have been administered between 30 days and 12 months before the flight’s departure date.

Turkish Airlines' Pet Ticket Fees

According to Turkish Airline's fee policy, the weight of your pet will determine the pet fee for domestic flights. You can travel with your pet in the airplane cabin if it weighs no more than 8 kg (including the weight of the pet carrier). If it weighs more than 8 kg, it must be checked into the aircraft hold.

The following lists the pet fees for domestic flights in Turkey.

In the aircraft cabin (PETC), up to 8 kilos cost TRY 150/~USD 8.06.

0–15 kg, for TRY 250/~USD 13.41 in the cargo hold (AVIH).

16–22 kg, for TRY 350/~USD 18.77 in the cargo hold (AVIH).

23–28 kg, for TRY 375/~USD 20.12 in the cargo hold (AVIH).

Over 28 kilos, approximately 24.14 USD, in the cargo hold (AVIH): TRY 450 

 Turkish Airlines Service Animals

According to Turkish Airlines dog policy, service dogs and emotional support animals are welcome on Turkish Airlines flights departing or arriving in the United States of America. Service animals can be with passengers with or without a carrier in-cabin.

Nonetheless, according to Turkish pet policy, the dependent passenger needs to provide the airline with the relevant paperwork:

  • The veterinarian's remark regarding the health of the animal.
  • A statement in writing from the tratravelertesting to the pet's capacity to relieve itself without posing any health or sanitation concern.
  • A note from a medical professional stating that they traveled the dog to help them travel because they have an emotional disorder as defined by DSM IV or V.

Turkish Airlines Restricted Animal

According to Turkish Airline's travel policy, pets traveling to nations where they must arrive as air cargo are not permitted to fly in the cabin. The United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and Hong Kong are just a few of these nations.

Cats and dogs with respiratory problems are permitted in the cabin (PETC) and not in air cargo if they do not exceed 8 kilograms along with their carrier, and the carriers do not exceed 23×30×40cm (height widlengthPregnant pets and pets under 10 weeks old will not be accepted. According to Turkish Airlines Dog Policy, transportation of dogs to the United States will not be allowed if it has been at high risk for rabies countries within the last 6 months, per the rules of the CDC.  

Unlike other airlines, Turkish Airlines Pet policy has given some names of cats and dogs with respiratory problems that can be brought into the cabin in the carrier: 






Lhasa Apso



Tibetan Spaniel


Pug (all breeds)

English Little Spaniel


Shar Pei

Boston Terrier


Shih Tzu

Brussels Griffon

Scottish Fold

Japanese Dog



Chow Chow

English Mastiff


Bulldog (all kinds)




According to Turkish Airlines International aviation regulations, they do not accept certain domestic animals on their flights. Certain breeds of dogs, such as the American Pitbull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Pitbull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, and Fila Brasileiro, are not allowed.

Turkish Airlines Pet Fee by Weight System

Depending on your route, Turkish Airlines' in-cabin pet fees are calculated by multiplying the pet fee per kg by 11 or 18 euros. The combined weight of your pet and carrier cannot be more than 8 kg. 

For pets in the hold, by Pet Policy, pet fees are calculated by multiplying the pet fee per kg by 22 24, or 32 euros, depending on your route.

Turkish Airlines Cargo Pets Policy

If your pet exceeds the cabin baggage weight and size limitations, you will have to fly them via the Turkish cargo section.

For the safety of animals transported in the cargo compartment, carriers and cages must have a hard surface. Soft-sided carriers will not be accepted in the cargo section. The pet carrier must weigh less than 50 kg and be a maximum of 75 cm high, 75 cm wide, and 125 cm long.

The carrier must be comfortable enough for your pet to stand, lie down, and turn, have proper ventilation, and be waterproof. Carriers must also have a lateral locking system. The carrier should contain your pet’s special food and water. Attach a tag with your pet's information on the carrier.

Breeds of pigeons and parrots must be flown in the cargo hold of the airplane (AVIH).  As small bird breeds other than budgies and canaries are not permitted in the cabin, they can be carried via Turkish cargo.

Turkish Airlines Pet Policy—Pets as Checked Baggage

Pets that are large enough and do not fit within the cabin must be checked as baggage on the flight according to Turkish Airlines's pet policy.

The pet needs to be housed in a carrier that fits them well, is waterproof, and has enough ventilation. The carrier must also be undamaged and have the pet's details transcribed on the label.

According to Turkish Airlines' pet policy, your pet muchecked st be at least 10 times. You must book your pet’s reservation six days before departure.


What will be my pet’s fee if I am traveling internationally?

You can calculate your pet’s fee on the Turkish Airlines website,

What documents will I need to fly my pet?

According to Turkish Airlines policy, you need a vaccination certificate and a health certificate from your vet.  

What is the ideal age for my pet?

According to Turkish Airline's pet policy, your pet should be more than 10 months old.

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