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Air France Baggage Allowance And Policy




Last summer, I was on my way to a vacation with my family. The trip was good, and we had a great time together. The only thing that caught me off-guard was the baggage fees I had to pay. I was surprised to know the regulations for carry-on and checked baggage and the fees if the rules aren't followed. If I had learned about these policies and regulations beforehand, I would have planned our trip effectively. Nevertheless, this was a lifetime lesson.

Have you ever had a similar experience before? I hope you never have to. For the sake of the same, today I will provide you with important details about the baggage policy of one of the most popular airlines worldwide, Air France.

Table of Contents

  • Air France Baggage Allowance
  • Air France Baggage Allowance Carry-On
  • Checked Baggage Allowance
  • What are the restrictions for carry-on baggage?
  • Oversize
  • Overweight
  • What are the baggage fees for Air France?
  • Air France Child Baggage Allowance
  • What are the prohibited items in hand luggage?
  • Air France lost baggage policy
  • Online complaint
  • Offline complaint
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Air France Baggage Allowance

Air France baggage policy varies depending on the specific travel route and ticket purchased. Usually, the airline allows you to bring one carry-on item and one personal item into the cabin. According to the airline's policy, the carry-on bag should not exceed the weight and dimensional restrictions. For checked baggage also, they set limits for weight and size, which further depend on the itinerary and class you are flying in.

Air France Baggage Allowance Carry-On

Air France has a very passenger-friendly baggage policy. For carry-on bags, you can carry one piece with a maximum weight of 26 pounds or 12 kilograms inside the cabin. The dimensions of this carry-on item must be 21.7×13.8×9.9 inches maximum. If you are traveling in the business cabin, your hand luggage is allowed to weigh up to 18 kilograms or 40 pounds.

If you are unsure whether your bag meets the dimension requirements, Air France offers a range of tools to check your baggage dimensions. Moreover, if your handbag does not meet the given criteria, you may be asked to place it on hold or incur additional fees.

Checked Baggage Allowance

Air France baggage allowance for checked items depends largely on your destination and fare type. However, the general guideline for economy class tickets allows 0 to 2 pieces of baggage and a maximum weight of 23 kilograms. If you are traveling in the business class cabin, you can carry 1 to 2 baggage items weighing no more than 32 kilograms (70.5 pounds).

The total linear dimensions of your checked baggage in Air France must not exceed 158 centimeters or 62.2 inches. This measurement includes pockets, wheels, and handles. If your baggage has a linear measurement of 158 cm but less than 300 cm, you are allowed to board with your luggage after paying additional fees.

What are the restrictions for carry-on baggage?

There are some restrictions for carry-on baggage. You must adhere to the restrictions and guidelines to board your flight with your luggage without any extra fees.


Your carry-on luggage must not exceed the dimensions of 55×35×25 centimeters.


The maximum weight limit for carry-on baggage on Air France is 12 kilograms or 26 pounds.

What are the baggage fees for Air France?

If your checked baggage exceeds the weight or size limit set by Air France, then you will incur extra charges for the same. The airline will charge you an amount between €25 and €300. The exact amount will depend on the flight route and ticket type. Air France does not allow the pre-booking of overweight or oversized luggage.

In order to know the exact amount you may have to pay for exceeding the weight or size limit, you will have to check the latest information on the Air France website or talk to an executive at Air France.

Air France Child Baggage Allowance

If your child is older than 2 years, then your child is allowed the same amount of baggage as an adult. The total number of bags and weight will further depend on the travel class and ticket type.

However, if your child is under 2 years of age, they can travel with the number of baggage items included in your ticket. You may carry your child on your lap. If you are carrying your child on your lap on board, you will be allowed one handbag weighing up to 12 kilograms and measuring not more than 55 × 35 × 25 cm. If you are carrying your child in the hold, you will be allowed one checked bag of up to 10 kilograms for your child.

What are the prohibited items in hand luggage?

Last but not least, it is equally important to know the things that you cannot carry to Air France. Here is a list of items that are restricted, as follows:

  • Weapons (of any kind)
  • Lithium-ion batteries,
  • Magnetized items or gadgets
  • Flammable or combustible items
  • Sharp Objects (scissors, knives, etc.)
  • Explosives
  • Alcohol, marijuana, liquor, or other drugs
  • Dry/wet ice, liquid nitrogen or any other chemicals/laboratory items
  • Or other items that Airlines lists as hazardous

Air France's Lost Baggage Policy

Other than the information about weight limits, size restrictions, and prohibited items, you must also have a basic knowledge of the steps you should take when your luggage goes missing or you lose it on the flight.

Air France offers two options to declare missing baggage. You can either complain online within 48 hours after arrival, or you can file a complaint at the Air France KLM baggage office before leaving the airport.

Online Complaint

To file an Air France missing baggage complaint online within 48 hours after the flight's arrival, you need to locate your baggage receipt. At the receipt number on the online form, you will receive a claim number once you have submitted your request. To keep track of the progress of your request, keep your claim number handy.

Offline Complaint

You can also file a complaint offline if you have not left your arrival airport. You need to go to the Air France KLM baggage office to file the complaint. In the process of filing the complaint, you will need to fill out a form/document called the Property Irregularity Report (PIR). Once you fill out the form, you will receive a claim number. Keep this claim number with you to track the status of your lost baggage search.


Air France is one of the most passenger-friendly airlines operating worldwide, and its comprehensive baggage policy is a live example of that. The Air France baggage allowance provides the passenger with various facilities, like free carry-on personal items and child baggage for children under 2 years. By paying some extra, you can also board with additional luggage and enjoy the trips with your family. In case your luggage is lost, Air France offers a couple of ways to claim your missing or lost luggage.


  • How can I find out how my claim for missing luggage is progressing?

Once you have filed the complaint about missing luggage, Air France will provide you with a claim number. Use this claim number to track your missing baggage claim in real-time on the online baggage tracker website.

  • Can I carry sports equipment or musical instruments on an Air France flight?

Yes, Air France allows you to carry sports equipment or musical instruments along with you on the flight. However, there are some size restrictions that you must follow. If your instruments or sports equipment are oversized, then you might have to pay some extra fees for them.

  • What are the items that we can bring as carry-on luggage on an Air France flight?

You can bring carry-on items like a briefcase, handbag, purse, suitcase, etc. as carry-on baggage on an Air France flight without any charges as long as they are not oversized.


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