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Pet Policy


What is pet policy?

Under the airline's pet policy, you can fly with your pet. If you are planning to travel with your pet, you must inform the airline 1-2 weeks before the scheduled departure date. Your pet must be healthy, and you will have to submit your pet's health report to the airline. The airline applies a pet fee as per the pet policy; the pet fee will be based on pet size and weight. If the pet size does not meet the cabin class terms and conditions, your pet will be transferred into the cargo

If you travel with your pet, you must follow the pet carrier requirements below under the airline pet carrier policy.

  • A maximum of two small pets are allowed per passenger on the flight under the pet carrier policy.
  • Pet carriers should be fibreglass/ metal or wooden.
  • Your pet container must fit comfortably in front of your seat.
  • Large size pets are not allowed in the cabin class.
  • A pet container should have proper ventilation holes and be waterproof.

According to flight pet policy, if you travel with your furry friends, you will be subject to a pet fee. The fee is not fixed; it will be decided at the airport. The airline management team will check your pet and measure its weight and size, and then they will tell you about the fee. According to your pet's weight, including its container weight, charges will apply under the pet policy if it crosses the maximum weight limit. Under the Flight Baggage Policy if you carry a pet, it will be considered.

How can I book a ticket for my pet?

Are you eager to fly with your furry friends? The good news is that we allow pets on flights, you can create lovely memories by travelling with your pet. Under the flight pet policy, you will need to book your pet ticket if you want to fly with your pet. Let's look at the highlighted steps for making a pet reservation.

  • Firstly, you will have to visit the airline's website.
  • Fill out the login information.
  • Click the special service option under the "My Trip or Manage My Trip" option.
  • Hit the "carry on pet" option.
  • Then click the "Yes, I agree" option after reviewing the pet policy requirement.
  • Submit your pet's details, including its health report.
  • You can connect with the sales team or help the support team to get more information about the pet policy.
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