Baggage Policy



Baggage Policy


What is the baggage policy?

Under the baggage policy, you can carry one small bag and one personal item without paying the excess baggage charges. Remember that your small bag size should not be more than 56 x 36 x 23 cm, and you can not carry restricted personal items such as sharp or harmful items. As per the baggage rules excess baggage charges will apply if you carry more than two bags or carry a weight of more than 50 pounds. If you purchase Flexi tickets at the time of flight cancellation, you will get excess baggage fees.

As per the baggage rules, the airline will allow you to check your first two bags without incurring extra charges. An excess luggage fee will apply if you check a third bag or above. If you travel with your pet, the airline will consider it as checked-baggage at the time of check-in under the Pet policy. Here are some rules for checked-Baggage:

  • The airline will take action if any harmful or sharp object is found in your bag.
  • Under the baggage allowance only two small bags are permitted to check-in free of cost.
  • During the reservation, you should review the baggage policy.
  • You can measure the weight and size of your bag using the kiosk services.
  • If the check-bag option is not available on your ticket, you will have to apply to carry the excess luggage by visiting the airline website.

According to carry-on baggage rules, you can bring two checked bags free of charge. However, as per the flight baggage allowance policy, the airline will apply an excess baggage fee if you carry more than two bags. Your personal items will not be considered an extra bag if you carry a purse, laptop, small briefcase or book. Under the terms and conditions, you can not carry more than 43*33*20 cm of your personal item.

Restricted items

According to Flying Dada Airlines baggage rules, you can not carry some prohibited items. If you carry any kind of restricted item, the airline will not allow you to board the flight. During your journey, below items are prohibited on flight

  • More than 70 per cent of the volume of alcohol
  • Animal products or Batteries
  • Harmful sprays
  • Any Sharpful items
  • Fires items such as Lighter or Matchbox
  • Weapons and smart bags


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