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Baggage Allowance of British Airways - Be Smart, Pack Smart!




How much does British Airways allow in the cabin? Understanding the fundamentals of British Airways' cabin luggage size and weight restrictions is vital, particularly if you have an Economy Basic ticket.

This makes it simpler to guarantee that your luggage will always fit neatly in the overhead compartment and remain within the dimensions provided by the airline.  Additionally, you can save on expensive fees that arise from overweight or excessive bags that must be placed in the hold.

Table of Contents

  1. Baggage Allowance British Airways
    1. British Airways Carry-On Baggage Limit
      1. British Airways Hand Baggage Size
      2. British Airways Cabin Baggage Size
  2. Extra luggage allowance on British Airways
    1. What are excess baggage charges on British Airways?
  3. Rules and regulations for hand baggage contents.
    1. What is forbidden in a handbag?
  4. Delayed, lost, and damaged baggage
    1. How does the British Airways baggage tracking system work?
    2. How can a bag's contents or damage be reported?
    3. What is a baggage claim?
  5. FAQs

Baggage Allowance British Airways

British Airways offers numerous ticket classes for both short- and long-haul flights. Different ticket categories are compatible with baggage's varying capacities. Certain routes have additional regulations, so it's important to understand them before you go to avoid paying extra when you get to the airport.

British Airways Carry-On Baggage Limit

As per the baggage allowance of British Airways, each passenger is permitted to bring one piece of primary cabin baggage plus a laptop or purse. 

Your hand luggage will be placed in the hold if it exceeds the allowed amount. You can add this to the allowed amount for checked baggage. If it is more than this you will have to pay the excess baggage fees at the airport.

British Airways Hand Baggage Size

Your laptop or handbag must fit beneath the seat and measure no more than 18" x 14" x 8" (45 cm x 36 cm x 20 cm) including the handle and pockets as per Baggage Allowance British Airways. According to British Airways baggage allowance guidelines, you are allocated all instruments—such as a violin or ukulele—as hand luggage as long as they don't exceed the limit.

British Airways Cabin Baggage Size 

According to Baggage Allowance British Airways, cabin baggage should not exceed 23 kg in weight and size must not be more than 56 x 45 x 25cm. It must fit inside the bag gauge, which is accessible in the area for check-in.

Extra Luggage Allowance on British Airways

You can purchase additional baggage allowance if you need to carry more luggage than your ticket type permits as indicated by Baggage Allowance British Airways.

What are Excess Baggage Charges on British Airways?

The cost of your additional luggage will vary depending on the route and time of ticket purchase. To find out the cost, you must use the pricing calculator on the British Airways website.

According to Baggage Allowance British Airways, you will be charged £65 if you arrive at the airport with more luggage than you purchased, provided the additional bag weighs less than 32 kg. Your bag will arrive after you if it weighs more than 32 kg, and you will be charged a price for sending it as unaccompanied baggage.

Rules and Regulations for Hand Baggage Contents.

According to Baggage Allowance British Airways, the following is a summary of the key hand luggage allowances and limitations for British Airways flights:

  • Liquids and gels must be stored in a clear 20 cm by 20 cm bag and cannot exceed 100 ml. Duty-free, some medications and infant formula are subject to different regulations.
  • Wheelchairs, pushchairs, and prams can typically be brought as hand luggage, although they need to go through security.

Make sure to verify the restrictions on electronics for the country you're visiting before booking your flight. And also you'll need to research the specifics for your trip as regulations on food transportation differ between nations.

What is forbidden in a handbag?

Numerous objects are prohibited by law and should not be brought on a trip for security concerns. According to Baggage Allowance British Airways, there is a whole list of prohibited objects, which includes both items that are completely prohibited from entering aircraft and those that are just permitted in the cabin, which may be found online at the British Airways website.

The following items are prohibited from being checked as hand baggage on flights:

Delayed, Lost, and Damaged Baggage

Picture the terrifying scenario of misplacing your possessions, particularly when it occurs on an international flight. All you have on your back and in your carry-on could be your only belongings when you arrive in a new nation. Every tourist is engulfed by this worry. 

According to Baggage Allowance British Airways, most missing baggage is returned to their owners by British Airways within 72 hours.

How does the British Airways Baggage Tracking system work?

You can use the British Airways baggage tracking system by logging in to the following if you have already reported your delayed suitcase and have a delayed baggage report number:

  • Examine the progress of your delayed package.
  • Give BA more information so they can identify your bag.
  • Update your forwarding address and contact information.

The airline will assign you a missing baggage report number—a string of five letters and five numbers, such as JFKBA12345—when you report an issue. The baggage receipt you received when checking in your bags is not the same as this. Make use of this reference to view the online status of your bag. 

How can a bag's contents or damage be reported?

According to Baggage Allowance British Airways, including checked baggage that is damaged or whose contents are missing you can report by these two methods:

  • Before you depart, if you are still at the airport, please report your issue to a staff member.
  • By going on the official BA website claim if you have already departed the airport.

Within seven days of receiving your luggage, you must report any damage to checked baggage and/or loss of contents.

What is baggage claim?

You can file a claim if your luggage was delayed or if any of its contents were damaged.

Claims are accepted for the following items as per Baggage Allowance British Airways:

  • When a bag is delayed, essentials like toiletries and necessities can be replaced for a fair amount (you need to save your receipts; they’ll need them to evaluate your claim).
  • Damage to your belongings or baggage
  • Absence of contents
  • Items that have been reported missing for longer than 21 days

The baggage allowance of British Airways suggests that before discarding your damaged bag or buying a new one, you should discuss your situation with them. Depending on the situation, you might be provided a repair service or a replacement bag.


Are wine bottles allowed on British Airways?

Indeed. As long as they are properly packed and sealed, wine bottles are allowed in checked baggage on British Airlines. As long as you adhere to size and weight restrictions said in the baggage allowance British Airways.

Can I bring the stroller for my baby?

Yes. As per the baggage allowance of British Airways, your infant may be brought along in a stroller or pushchair that can be collapsed.

Is it possible to carry more than 7 kg in a cabin bag?

Yes, given Your luggage weighs far less than British Airways' 23 kg per piece allowance. However, keep in mind that your suitcase cannot exceed 56 x 45 x 25 cm (handles and wheels included) as per the baggage allowance of British Airways.


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