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Delta Airlines Baggage Policy & Allowances




Delta Airlines is one of the best airlines in the world. If you are planning a long vacation with additional luggage, Delta Airlines provides you with the opportunity to carry up to 10 bags. Delta Baggage Policy helps you to know the baggage rules, and because of this, you can enjoy your journey hassle-free. If you are worried about the baggage rules, this article will be beneficial to solve all your doubts.  

Delta Airlines Baggage Policies

If you are looking for a hassle-free travel experience, then Delta Airlines is the best choice. The Delta baggage policy helps to let you know about the baggage rules, it's like a guide to how much luggage you can carry with a maximum weight limit.

  • You can carry two pieces of luggage without paying additional costs. One personal item and one small bag, you can carry on your seats. 
  • Each extra checked bag is subject to a fee. 
  • If you have more than two bags, you must pay the baggage fee.
  • All additional luggage costs vary, it is based on your arrival destinations. 
  • In Delta Airlines, your sports equipment is considered part of your extra items. 

Delta Baggage Allowance

Delta Airlines allows two bags on your seat without imposing any charges, which includes, a small bag and one personal item such as a laptop tab, coat, or any small items. Your hand luggage, including the wheels, should not be more than 56* 35* 23 cm. Your item should fit comfortably on your seat; however, Delta Airlines has not decided the maximum size or weight of such items. Delta Airlines Baggage Allowance Will Solve Your Luggage Problems. This airline allows you to carry liquid in your suitcase that is 100 milliliters or less, as per TSA regulations.

Delta Checked Baggage

Delta Airlines allows you to carry up to a maximum of 10 bags. If you check more than two bags, you must pay additional charges per extra bag. If you do not have a membership with Delta Airlines, you must pay $30 for the first bag and $40 for the second bag.

Airlines will not permit you on the flight if you carry more than 23 kg of luggage or if your luggage size is more than 62 inches. 

Maximum Weight Limit Of Small Bags Or Personal Items

    • Economy class:  Up to 23 kg. 
    • First class and Business class: Maximum weight limit is 32 kg. 
    • Delta one class: You carry up to 32 kg.
    • Your item should comfortably fit in front of your seat.

Delta Carry-On Luggage

One piece of hand baggage and one personal item are permitted per passenger on Delta Airlines. Remember that the maximum size of your hand luggage, including wheels, should be 56* 35* 23 cm. Under the TSA you can carry liquid in your bag, but it should be less than 100 milliliters. You can not carry harmful items such as a Knife, Match Box, Acid, Spray, or lighter. 

Delta Airlines Baggage Fees

According to Delta Airlines baggage policy, you will have to pay charges if your luggage is overweight or large and carry more than three bags. The baggage fee is not fixed based on your Delta fare type. The baggage fee is non-refundable if your reservation is canceled.  This fee is applicable for all passengers, it doesn't matter if your flight is Domestic or International. This airline does impose a baggage fee for those passengers who are involved in SkyMiles membership. 

Extra Luggage Fees

  • If you fly within a US flight you must pay 150 dollars for your third bag check-in and 200 $ per extra bag.
  • If you fly between the US and Canada, your third bag check-in fee will incur 150 dollars and up to 10 bags 200 $ per extra bag.
  •  USA to Canada or Caribbean: 3 bags: 150 dollars, 4-10 bags: 200 $ for each bag
  • USA to Mexico or Canada: 3 bags: 180 dollars, 4-10: 200 dollars
  • If your luggage weighs 51 to 70 pounds then you will have to pay $100.
  • If your luggage weighs between 70 to 100 pounds then you will have to pay $200.

Delta Airlines Baggage Policy For Special Items

Delta Airlines allows sports equipment and other special items on a flight such as baby chairs, medical items, a unique shape of the bag, and more. In Delta's baggage policy, each special item is considered part of your one bag. Delta Bag Check Policy lets you solve the problem of excess baggage. When you arrive at the airport the airline staff will check your special items, after measuring the items they will tell you about the additional charges.

Special Items:

  • Medical items
  • Children's items such as baby chairs.
  • Musical equipment 
  • Sports items 

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