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JetBlue Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy




If for some reason you have to cancel your JetBlue flight, if you are worried about getting a refund, then JetBlue airline will help you with this. Their process is straightforward. You don't need to worry if you have chosen not to fly and have purchased your ticket from JetBlue Airlines because JetBlue looks out for its patrons and provides refunds in case of ticket cancellation.

Table of Content 

  • What is JetBlue cancellation policy?
  • JetBlue 24-Hour Cancellation Policy
  • JetBlue Airlines Cancellation Policy for Non-Refundable Tickets
  • JetBlue Flight Cancellation Policy for Refundable Tickets
  • How To Cancel JetBlue Flight
  • Changing a JetBlue flight
  • What if JetBlue cancels your flight?
  • JetBlue Flight Cancellation Policy For Cancelled Flights
  • JetBlue Refund Policy
  • JetBlue Cancellation Fee
  • JetBlue Cancellation Tips
  • FAQs

What is JetBlue's Cancellation Policy?

JetBlue Airlines cancellation policies have been updated and are now much more user-friendly. All tickets (except from Blue Basic) can now be canceled without incurring a cancellation fee. 

As per the present JetBlue Airlines cancellation policy: 

  • As long as you cancel your reservation before departure, there are no cancellation fees associated with Blue, Blue Extra, Blue Plus, and Mint tickets.
  • You can also make a verified same-day switch for USD 75 per passenger; however, Blue Extra tickets and Mosaic members are free of this fee.

Cancellation costs for Blue Basic fares are as follows:

  • For travel inside North America, the Caribbean, and Central America, each passenger must pay USD 100.
  • $200 per person for every other route. 
  • Mosaic members are not charged for this service, but a confirmed same-day changeover can be performed for USD 75 per traveler.

JetBlue 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

You can cancel the flight within 24 hours of purchasing it without incurring a cost if you purchased it at least 7 days in advance of the departure date of your flight. All ticket types, even nonrefundable ones, are subject to JetBlue's 24-hour cancellation policy; reservations for JetBlue Vacations are not. You can cancel your reservation for a full day online at or over the phone. 

JetBlue Airlines Cancellation Policy for Non-Refundable Tickets

The amount you paid for a nonrefundable ticket will be credited to your JetBlue Travel Credit, which you can use at a later time. 

Your whole payment amount including any optional purchases will be entrusted if you fail to cancel a non-refundable flight segment before departure.

JetBlue Flight Cancellation Policy for Refundable Tickets

Refundable tickets provide greater flexibility, despite being more expensive. In contrast to earning a travel credit for other tickets, JetBlue's cancellation policy allows you to cancel any refundable ticket and receive a full refund back to your source of payment. 

According to JetBlue Airways cancellation policy, you will receive the money you paid in the form of a JetBlue Travel Credit if you fail to cancel a refundable travel segment before departure.

How To Cancel JetBlue Flight

There are a few ways you can cancel your JetBlue flight reservation:

  • Regarding tickets bought via the JetBlue website, mobile app, ticket booth, or contact center.
  • Online via Manage Trips on
  • Get your flight reservation, pick it up, and then follow the instructions to cancel it.
  • At 1-800-JETBLUE via phone.
  • Get in touch with the travel agent directly if you bought your tickets from them.
  • For reward tickets, get in touch with TrueBlue personally.

Changing a JetBlue flight

You will need the following information to modify or cancel your reservation online:

  • Code of confirmation or ticket number
  • Last name
  • It is necessary to make modifications and cancellations before the flight's scheduled departure time.
  • Please be aware that cancellations made by customers—for any reason—cannot be refunded.  
  • If a reservation is changed or canceled over the phone or via chat, there is a $25 nonrefundable cost per person (in addition to any fees applicable to the fare).
  • If you self-serve online at, you can avoid paying this $25 per person cost.

What if JetBlue cancels your flight?

If JetBlue cancels your trip for any reason, you can choose to:

  • Acquire a Bank Credit for JetBlue Travel.
  • At no extra expense, take the next flight that becomes available.
  • If your flight cannot be rescheduled within two hours, you will receive a full refund.
  • The following explains JetBlue's cancellation and delay rules in the event of abnormalities. 
  • JetBlue will provide you a credit for future travel on the airline if it cancels your flight for a controllable irregularity and no other means of transportation is available within an hour. 
  • USD 50 if the flight was canceled within four hours of takeoff. 
  • $100 if the flight was canceled after it was supposed to depart. 
  • If a controlled incident causes a delay in your JetBlue flight,

Delay Time Amount of Compensation (as Credit)

3 – 3:59 hours USD 50 

4 – 4:59 hours USD 100 

5 – 5:59 hours USD 150 

6 hours or more USD 200 

Delay Time Amount of Compensation (as Credit)

1 – 1:59 hours USD 50 

2 – 2:59 hours USD 125 

3 hours or more USD 200 

Compensation Due to Overbookings

If you were involuntarily denied boarding on a JetBlue-operated flight due to an overbooking situation, you are entitled to a compensation of USD 1,550. 

JetBlue Flight Cancellation Policy For Cancelled Flights

The following choices are available if JetBlue cancels your flight for any reason and you had a confirmed reservation at the time of cancellation:

  • Take the next JetBlue flight that is available at no extra cost.
  • Get a trip credit on JetBlue.
  • If you are unable to rebook your ticket within two hours (120 minutes), you will receive a refund in the original manner of payment.
  • Furthermore, by JetBlue airlines Customer Bill of Rights, flights canceled up to four hours before their scheduled departure are entitled to reimbursement.

JetBlue Refund Policy

To potentially get your flight, seats, luggage, and extras refunded:

  • Go to Manage Trips.
  • Choose the trip for which you would like a refund.
  • To initiate the refund process, select cancel. 
  • To finish canceling the trip, adhere to the instructions. 
  • Note that canceling your trip is the only method to get a refund.
  • If your vacation was impacted by JetBlue, you can cancel the affected flight and get a refund.
  • The refund will often be issued as travel credit.
  • Refunds for extras, luggage, and seats will be issued in the original payment method. 

JetBlue Cancellation Fee

Only Blue Basic prices will be subject to a cancellation fee of: as per the most recent JetBlue cancellation policy.

  • USD 100 for travel within the Caribbean, Central America, and the United States.
  • USD 200 for every additional route. 

There are no cancellation fees for any of the other fares, including Mint, Blue, Blue Extra, and Blue Plus.

JetBlue Cancellation Tips

To cancel a JetBlue flight over the phone, you must have the following details: 

  • Number of confirmation 
  • Flight number
  • Travel date(s)
  • passenger data, including birthdate, phone number, etc.

You will need to supply the following details to cancel your online reservation for a JetBlue flight:

  • The code for your confirmation
  • Your surname
  • Your starting and final cities 

The following situations prevent you from canceling your online flight reservation:

  • if you made your payment using a JetBlue voucher or travel certificate.
  • If a special service request (SSR) has been made on your itinerary or if the destination of your return flight is different from the original flight. You will need to contact JetBlue to request assistance in such a situation. 
  • You can use your JetBlue travel credits to pay for any airfare differences or to change or cancel your reservation online. They cannot, however, be used to cover any costs or acquire any services, including:
  • Fees for pets, luggage, and unaccompanied minors
  • Even More Seats in Space


Is it possible to get your money back if you have to cancel a flight?

All JetBlue airline tickets—aside from Blue Basic—can now be canceled without incurring fees.

You will be given a JetBlue Travel Bank Credit, which is normally good for 12 months from the original booking date if you cancel a non-refundable ticket.

After a flight is booked, can it be canceled?

As long as you do it before the flight leaves, you can cancel your JetBlue reservation after you've made it. A cancellation cost of USD 100 for tickets within the United States, the Caribbean, and Central America and USD 200 for tickets on other routes will be assessed if you decide to cancel your Blue Basic ticket.

If I have to cancel my flight, what will happen to my JetBlue ticket?

Depending on the kind of ticket you have in hand, yes. There are no longer any fees associated with canceling any ticket—Blue Basic is excluded. Within the United States, the Caribbean, and Central America, Blue Basic tickets may be canceled for USD 100; for all other routes, the cancellation fee is USD 200.

Which is less expensive, altering my JetBlue flight or canceling it?

Both are currently equally inexpensive. All tickets, except Blue Basic tickets, are free to change or cancel (with no additional fees). If you need to modify your ticket, though, you will be responsible for any applicable change fees.

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