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KLM Baggage Policy and Allowance




Knowing KLM Airlines' baggage policy is essential as you prepare for your next trip to guarantee a simple and easy travel experience. KLM Airlines has implemented particular policies and procedures to meet passenger needs while upholding efficiency and safety during flights, including carry-on and checked baggage.

What is KLM Baggage Policy?

The airline's baggage policy specifies the guidelines for baggage on KLM flights. It outlines the rules for checked and carry-on baggage, including size and weight limitations. These guidelines must be followed by travelers to prevent extra costs or difficulties when flying with KLM Airlines.

KLM Baggage Allowance:

  • Carry-On Baggage Allowance:

As specified in the KLM baggage policy, passengers are allowed a certain amount of carry-on baggage on KLM flights. This usually comprises a personal item and one piece of hand baggage. Smooth boarding and a pleasurable travel experience with KLM Airlines on international flights are guaranteed by following the airline's checked baggage policies and the designated weight and size limitations.

  • Checked Baggage Allowance

The amount of checked baggage that travelers are permitted to bring on board KLM Airlines is specified in their baggage policy and may change according to the destination and class of travel. To guarantee a seamless experience on KLM Airlines' international flights, passengers must become familiar with the airline's checked baggage policies, which include limitations on weight and dimensions.

KLM Airlines Baggage Allowance Cabin Luggage:

  • To provide a comfortable flying experience, KLM Airlines clearly states in its baggage policy how much is allowed for cabin baggage. 
  • Usually, travelers are only allowed to bring one piece of hand luggage and one personal item. Respecting KLM's regulations for checked baggage, such as weight and size restrictions, is crucial to preventing any annoyances when boarding or on a flight. 
  • Having a clear understanding of the cabin baggage allowance improves traveling internationally with KLM Airlines.

What are the weight and size restrictions in KLM's Baggage Policy?

  1. Restrictions on Weight: There are usually weight restrictions on both carry-on and checked bags according to KLM's baggage policy. These restrictions change based on the destination and class of travel.
  2. Details Regarding Size: KLM regulates the dimensions of checked and carry-on luggage. Travelers who want to avoid paying extra or having their luggage refused at check-in must make sure it fits within the designated size restrictions.
  3. Traveling Abroad: All of KLM's overseas flights are subject to the baggage rules. To properly comply with laws, passengers should review the relevant recommendations for their destination.

What items are prohibited in KLM's Baggage Policy?

For safety concerns, some items cannot be carried in checked or carry-on bags, according to KLM's baggage rules. These could include guns, dangerous materials, and other forbidden goods. To ensure compliance and prevent any problems during their KLM journey, passengers should check the list of prohibited items specified in the airline's baggage policy.

How can I track my checked baggage with KLM's Baggage Policy?

  • Travelers may simply follow their checked bags throughout their trip according to KLM's baggage policy. 
  • KLM has a user-friendly tracking system that lets travelers keep an eye on the whereabouts and condition of their bags. 
  • During their KLM trip on an international route, customers can use this service to ensure peace of mind and promptly address any difficulties surrounding their checked baggage.

What is the fee for extra baggage?

Extra baggage beyond the usual allowance specified in KLM Airlines' baggage policy usually carries a cost. The cost varies based on the destination, class of travel, and size or weight of the extra luggage. Travelers intending to bring additional baggage on a KLM trip should familiarize themselves with the airline's checked baggage policies and associated fees. This is especially important for flights traveling internationally.


In conclusion, travelers traveling on KLM flights, especially those traveling internationally, should be aware of the airline's baggage policy and checked baggage guidelines. Respecting the baggage allowance guidelines guarantees a convenient and hassle-free journey, and knowing about any additional costs for additional baggage helps travelers plan. Travelers flying with KLM Airlines can experience a stress-free journey by adhering to these suggestions.


  • How much luggage is allowed on international KLM flights?

As stated in KLM's luggage policy, the baggage allowance for foreign flights is contingent upon various criteria, including travel class and destination.

  • Which products I can bring in my carry-on luggage are restricted?

Indeed, KLM has policies about goods that are not allowed in carry-on bags for security reasons. Before packing, travelers should review the limitations mentioned in KLM's baggage policy.

  • How should I proceed if, while on a KLM journey, my checked baggage is misplaced or damaged?

Passengers should notify KLM's baggage care desk at the airport right once if their baggage is damaged or misplaced. KLM will offer assistance in finding misplaced objects or offering damages compensation in line with its policies.

  • How can I buy more baggage allowance for my travel with KLM?

Usually, passengers can buy additional baggage allowance straight from KLM's website or customer support channels. Depending on the route and travel class, fees may change.

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