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The Guide to Singapore Airlines Baggage Policies and Fees




If you are thinking of traveling then you can use Singapore Airlines and if you are troubled by the problem of excess luggage then the Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy will help you with this problem, your fees will be less and you will also get perks. You must know this information.

What is Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy

Whichever cabin you choose when flying with Singapore Airlines, they are renowned for offering outstanding service. All passengers, even those who purchase the less expensive "Lite" or "Value" fares, are entitled to a substantial baggage allowance at the check-in desk as part of the exceptional service provided. However, depending on the cost you select and even the destination of your flight, Singapore Airlines has different luggage restrictions.

From/to the United States and Canada

Free luggage checking is available to all Singapore Airlines customers traveling to or from the United States and Canada.

Checked baggage in the economy and premium economy classes is limited to 50 pounds (23 kilograms) per bag.

Passengers traveling in business, first class, or Singapore Suites are permitted to check up to 70 pounds (32 kilograms) of luggage apiece.

In addition to this basic limit, members with elite status receive additional bags. For a total of three free checked baggage, KrisFlyer Elite Gold and Star Alliance Gold members (such as United Airlines Premier Gold and above) are eligible for an additional complimentary bag. Members of the Singapore Airlines PPS Club are entitled to two extra checked bags, for a total of four free bags.

Other locations

Singapore Airlines operates a weight allowance mechanism on flights that do not go to the United States or Canada. You are restricted by a weight rather than a cap on the quantity of baggage you can check. As long as the overall weight of the bags is less than the allowed limit, passengers are free to check as many as they wish.

Each traveler is allowed a minimum of 55 pounds (25 kilograms) of luggage. Passengers who buy higher prices and members of special status receive larger allowances.

The baggage allowance for Singapore Airlines is listed below by fare type:

  • Weight: fifty-five pounds (twenty-five kg).
  • 30 kilograms and 66 pounds for Standard and Flexi.
  • First-class economy: 77 lbs (35 kg).
  • In business class: forty kilograms (88 pounds).
  • First class and suites: 110 pounds (50 kg).

Carry-On Baggage Allowance

Many opt to travel with only their carry-on luggage and forego checking bags completely. Thankfully, if you're traveling light, you can fit all of your necessities in a little carry-on bag. Let's examine Singapore Airlines' carry-on limit:

One piece, no more than seven kilograms, is permitted for carry-on in Premium Economy and Economy Class. The carry-on suitcase's overall length shouldn't be more than 115 cm.
Suites, First Class, and Business Class: You are permitted to bring two pieces, each no more than seven kilograms. The piece's overall dimensions shouldn't exceed 115 cm.
Check what you can and cannot fit in your carry-on bag. You cannot bring your bag aboard the aircraft if its contents are prohibited.

Checked Baggage Allowance

Your ticket will specify how much free baggage you are allowed to bring when you book a flight with us. Depending on your ultimate destination, the allowed amount for checked baggage is determined by the weight or piece concept.
Tips for packing bags
The following advice will help you make sure your checked luggage gets to its destination safely:
When packing
Before you leave on your trip, think about getting travel insurance that covers the loss, delay, or damage of your luggage and personal possessions.

  • Put something distinguishing on your luggage (like stickers or ribbons) so you can quickly recognize it. 
  • Never check bags containing medication, valuables, or vital documents (such as cash, jewelry, laptops, visas, certificates, etc.).
  • Never pack perishable and fragile goods in your checked luggage. The same rules that apply to your cabin luggage also apply if you are carrying food products in your checked baggage. 
  • Include your complete name, permanent dwelling address, email address, and phone number on the exterior and inside of your checked luggage as well as your contact details.
  • Take off all luggage tags and labels from earlier flights from the items you have checked in.
    Make sure that every battery-operated item in the checked baggage is fully turned off 

At the airport 

  • Before you check your luggage in, take a picture of it.
    Before the check-in counter closes, check in your luggage. To view the check-in counter closure times, please click this link.
  • Never check in a bag containing items you are unsure about its contents.
    If any harmful or restricted products, such as lithium-ion batteries and power banks, are in your checked baggage, let SA check-in staff know. If you're not sure if something in your checked luggage is restricted, do ask the check-in personnel.
    When checking in, let the check-in personnel know if your luggage has any protruding pieces or existing damage.
  • Secure your checked luggage. Please only use TSA-approved locks for checked baggage on flights leaving or arriving in the USA. If the TSA inspects your checked luggage, non-approved locks will be forced open.
  • Make sure that all loose or projecting components, such as handles and straps, are firmly attached to your checked luggage.

 Upon arrival 

  • Gather every checked bag before exiting the arrivals area.
  • Before you exit the arrival hall after retrieving your bags, make sure you check the baggage tag to verify ownership.
  • In the improbable event that your luggage is delayed or arrives damaged, file a report online or get assistance from the Lost & Found Office.

Singapore Airlines Baggage Allowance Cabin Luggage

There are limitations on the quantity, weight, and size of the pieces, and the amount of allowance is determined by the class of travel.

Class of travel




First Class

Business Class

2 pieces

Up to 7kg each; size 115 cm linear dimensions

Economy and Premium Economy Class

1 piece

Up to 7kg each; size 115 cm linear dimensions

The total length, breadth, and height (L+B+H) in each case cannot exceed 115 cm. Additional items that can be brought on board include an overcoat, a woman's handbag, baby food for on-board eating, a laptop, a walking stick, and a small camera. This personal item's dimensions cannot exceed 40x30x10 cm (80 cm, in L+B+H). If the size exceeds this, a regular cabin bag will be accepted.

What are the weight limits for Singapore Airlines baggage?

Many people who fly to and from Australia use this airline. The allowed amount for checked luggage complies with industry guidelines and provides enough space for anything you need for your journey. Let's examine the potential weight of your bags:


  • Regarding Economy


Flexi Economy: 30 kg for ordinary travelers, 30 + 30 kg for PPS travelers, and 30 + 20 kg for Star Alliance Gold or KrisFlyer Elite Gold members. 

Standard Economy: 30 kg for normal travelers, 30 + 30 kg for PPS travelers, and 30 + 20 kg for Star Alliance Gold or KrisFlyer Elite Gold members. 

Value Economy: 25 kilograms for ordinary travelers, 25 + 25 kg for PPS travelers, and 25 + 20 kg for Star Alliance Gold or KrisFlyer Elite Gold members. 

Lite Economy: 25 kilograms for ordinary travelers, 25 + 25 kg for PPS travelers, and 25 + 20 kg for Star Alliance Gold or KrisFlyer Elite Gold members.


  •  Regarding Premium Economy 


35 kilos for standard travelers

and 35+35 kilos for passengers on PPS


  •  For Business Class


35+20 kg for KrisFlyer Elite Gold or Star Alliance Gold members 

40 kilos for standard travelers

For PPS passengers, 40+40 kg

KrisFlyer Elite Gold or Star Alliance Gold members can check in at 40+20 kg.


  •  For First-Class and Suites 


50 kilos for standard travelers

50+50 kg for PPS travelers and 50+20 kg for Star Alliance Gold or KrisFlyer Elite Gold members.

As you can see, Singapore Airlines offers a fairly substantial baggage allowance. You might be required to pay an extra baggage fee if your bags weigh more than the previously indicated limits. Remember that there are differences in the weight and size limitations for flights to the US and Canada. For further information, see the Singapore Airlines website.

How many bags can I check in with Singapore Airlines?

As long as the total weight of the bags checked in does not exceed 30 kg, or 32 kg if that is what is stated on your ticket, you are free to check as many bags as you like.

If you are traveling with your family, you are allowed to bring as many bags as you like, provided that the combined weight does not exceed the family's total weight allowance.

Example: Wife received 30 kg and husband received 30 kg; together, the two of you are permitted to check in 60 kg luggage

Are there any restrictions on carry-on baggage with Singapore Airlines?

It is recommended to schedule a cargo service if you need to move bulky objects or a lot of parts. However, you can buy additional baggage at a set price if your luggage slightly exceeds the size and weight restrictions. 

The price of extra luggage is determined by your starting and ending locations. For instance, Singapore Airlines rates Australia as a Band 3 destination. India is categorized as a place in Band 2. As a result, extra luggage from flights between Australia and India costs $28 US per kilogram. 

This implies that you will have to pay an extra $28 US if you are traveling in Economy Class and your ticket only allows 30 kg of luggage, but your suitcase weighs 31 kg.

What is the policy for oversized baggage with Singapore Airlines?

You will be assessed additional fees if you check in with more baggage than you are allowed to have, or if the weight or linear restrictions are exceeded by your bags. For additional information, get in touch with Singapore Airlines directly or see their Baggage Allowance Guide for Sports Equipment.

Due to their size, fragility, or other handling needs, some checked items—like surfboards and bicycles—will incur a fixed handling cost. Get in touch with Singapore Airlines directly or visit their website to learn more about special baggage policies.

Devices for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure: Provided the model is FAA-approved, travelers are permitted to bring and utilize portable oxygen concentrators on our flights. Your device must fit beneath the seat in front of you to be used during flight. You may not be able to use your gadget on the trip if it cannot fit under the seat, but you can still bring it on board and keep it in the overhead luggage area.

What will be the extra baggage fees on Singapore Airlines?

Passengers are permitted to bring one item of luggage onboard in addition to their checked baggage allotment. Nonetheless, Singapore Airlines' carry-on baggage size and weight restrictions are less stringent than those that many American tourists may be used to.

Your carry-on bag must be larger than 45 inches (115 cm) or weigh more than 15 pounds (7 kilograms), regardless of the cabin. An Away Original Carry-On suitcase, which measures a total of 44.4 inches (112.8 cm), just about fits these restrictions.

Passengers traveling in premium and economy are allowed to bring one bag on board. Passengers traveling in business, first, or Singapore Suites are permitted to bring two bags, subject to the same size and weight restrictions.

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