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Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy | Cancel Flight Ticket




If you need to cancel your Southwest flight due to any reason then do not get frustrated while thinking of the hassles of cancellation because it is a very easy process for Southwest Airlines. Southwest Airlines has a really good cancellation policy which is one of the best. So, if you have decided that you do not want to fly and just want your money back then you are lucky to have booked your flight with Southwest Airlines. This airline has always been known to treat customers well when it comes to changing or canceling flights. Even though other airlines also have become a little more flexible due to the pandemic, Southwest's policy is still one of the most flexible among all others.  

Southwest Airlines has a cancellation policy that allows you to get a refund, but there are some rules to keep in mind. You can get a refund only if you cancel more than 10 minutes before your flight takes off. If you manage to cancel within this time frame, you will get 100% of the money paid for the ticket back. 

Let's read the article together to explore more details about Southwest Airlines. It will clarify all your doubts in simple terms so you can easily understand how to cancel your Southwest Airlines flight and what you can expect from them.

Table Of Contents 

  • How to cancel a Southwest flight?
  • Southwest 24 Hours Cancellation Policy
  • Refundable tickets
  • Non-refundable tickets
  • Southwest Airlines cancellation policies 

How to cancel a Southwest flight?

If you want to know how you can cancel your Southwest flight, it is a very easy process.  You just have to simply visit or open the Southwest mobile app. Then there you have to type in the first and last name of your/person on the ticket and also enter the confirmation number. If you prefer the calling option then you can call Southwest at 800-435-9792. Another option is to check your My Account page to see if you added your Rapid Rewards number when you made the booking. After entering your flight information, you will see any trip balance or refundable funds associated with your confirmation number. To cancel a flight, you have to click the Cancel option. 

Southwest 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

If you have booked a flight with Southwest Airlines but now want to cancel it because of any reason, you can do so within 24 hours of making the reservation. It doesn't matter whether your ticket is refundable or not, you will still cancel and get a full refund. Few options through which you can cancel your ticket. These are as given below:

  • You can cancel your flight using the mobile app
  • You can also visit the official website of Southwest Airlines 
  • Or you can directly call Southwest Airlines at 1-800-435-9792 for the cancellation of your ticket. 

If you have booked your flight ticket through any travel agency then you can directly call +1-800-589-8187. After all, if you need any additional information or assistance related to the cancellation of your flight ticket then you can directly talk to a real person at Southwest Airlines at any time as per your preference.
Refundable tickets

If you have decided to cancel any regular Southwest flight ticket then you will surely get all your money back in the same way as you have paid for it. But if you want to cancel a Business Select or Anytime ticket then sorry to say this, but you will not get any cashback there. Instead of this, the airline will give you travel credit. Regardless of your ticket type, if you wish to cancel your ticket, you will get some type of refund in cash or some other form. You will receive a full refund regardless of whether your ticket is refundable or not.

Non-refundable tickets

If you are going to cancel your ticket which is nonrefundable then sadly you will not get your money back in cash because there is no money refund policy for nonrefundable tickets. Instead of this Southwest will provide you some travel credit. So, do not worry because if your ticket is non-refundable there is still something that you will get back, but it is in the form of credit for future travel.

Southwest Airlines cancellation policies 

 You will be glad to know that Southwest Airlines makes it easy for you to cancel your flight. You can cancel your flight ticket anytime, without any fees, up to 10 minutes before the departure of your flight.  If you have used Rapid Rewards points while booking your flight then you will get those points returned to your account after cancellation.

If you paid cash while booking a flight, depending on the type of ticket you have purchased, you will either get a refund back to your payment method or receive Southwest travel funds.

Even if you have a non-refundable ticket, you can still get a refund or convert it into travel funds if you cancel within 24 hours of booking.

Please remember that if you get travel funds after cancellation, there this airline has some rules for it. For Wanna Get Away fares, you can only use funds with the confirmation number and the name of the person on the original ticket. This means you can not give them to anyone else. But if you have Wanna Get Away Plus, Business Select, or Anytime Fare, you can transfer them from your Rapid Rewards account to someone else.

The good thing is that no matter which type of ticket you buy, the travel funds do not expire. Therefore, you can keep them with you until you are ready to use them.

Since Southwest's cancellation policy is customer-friendly and the process is easy, it is a good idea to cancel if your plans change or the price drops. You can rebook your flight anytime using your points, and travel funds, or get a cash refund.


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Carry-on weight


Economy class

Carry-on: 7 kg

55 * 38 * 22 cm

Premium economy class

Carry-on: 10 kg

55 * 38 * 22 cm

Business class

Carry-on: 7 kg; briefcase or garment bag: 7 kg

Briefcase: 45 * 35 * 20 cm

Handbag: 55 * 38 * 22 cm

Garment bag: not more than 20 cm thick when folded.

First class

Carry-on: 7 kg; briefcase or garment bag: 7 kg

Briefcase: 45 * 35 * 20 cm

Handbag: 55 * 38 * 22 cm

Garment bag: not more than 20 cm thick when folded.

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