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Alaska Airlines Baggage Policies And Fees




If you want your journey to be smooth and hassle-free, then you have to follow the Alaska Airlines baggage rules. Here you will know everything about the luggage policy, like the maximum limits on excess weight and luggage size, excess baggage fees, and some restricted items you can't bring on the flight. The information below will help you understand Alaska Airlines' baggage policy.

Alaska Airlines Baggage Policies

With Alaska Airlines, you can carry one piece of cabin luggage and one complimentary personal item, which is free of cost. The maximum dimensions of your luggage, including wheels, should not be more than 22 x 14 x 9 inches. You will have to pay the additional baggage fees, which are based on the amount of extra baggage and oversized weight you carry. Airlines do not accept luggage that is more than 292 cm as checked baggage. They impose additional fees on your sports equipment, such as golf bags, fishing, and hockey. If you carry more than three bags, you must pay 100 dollars. 

Alaska Airlines carry-on policy

Alaska Airlines' carry-on policy allows you to bring two bags without any extra fee. However, if your bag meets the free baggage rules, you can bring one small bag and one small personal bag. alaska airlines carry on dimensions like your problem ending. You can bring these items in your bag, such as a purse, laptop, tablet, jacket, or briefcase. Remember that the total size of your bag, including the wheels, should not be more than 55.88 x 35.56 x 22.86 cm. Your items should fit under the seat. If you take a baby carrier on a flight, you will not have to pay additional fees during check-in. 

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Baggage Fees

If you check three or more bags beyond the limit, Alaska Airlines will charge additional luggage fees. The excess luggage fees will be based on your reservation type and arrival destination. One personal item and your first-hand luggage are complimentary; this airline does impose additional fees on personal items and one-hand luggage. If you bring oversized and overweight luggage, you must pay the baggage fee as per Alaska Airlines baggage policy.


If you bring luggage that weighs more than the prescribed limit, the airlines will charge you. The cost of overweight luggage varies depending on your fare type and destination. You will have to pay 100 dollars if you carry a weight between 51 to 100 pounds. This airline will not accept over 100 pounds of weight. 


As per the Alaska Airlines baggage policy, you can carry the size of your luggage up to 292cm. You will have to pay a fine for oversized luggage. If your luggage size is between 160 and 203 cm, the fee will be $150. You will be required to pay $150 if you are carrying large luggage that dimensions between 203 and 292 cm.

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Alaska Airlines Baggage Allowance—Checked Bags

With Alaska Airlines checked bag policy, your first-hand luggage and one personal item are free at the time of check-in. Your luggage should weigh up to 23 kg and have a dimensions of 62 inches. The airline charges a fee for checked bags; This is based on the number of checked bags. Checked luggage charges are based on your ticket class type.

  • Economy class:

If you have purchased an Economy class ticket and you are carrying more than three bags so, you will have to pay checked baggage fees. For the first check bag, you must pay 35 dollars, and 45 dollars for the second bag. You must pay 150 dollars for each checked bag if you bring more than three bags.

  • First-class:

You will have to pay checked baggage costs if you have a First class ticket and carry more than three bags. In First Class, you will not need to pay checked baggage fees on your first and second checked baggage. If you bring more than three bags, each additional checked bag will cost $150. 

  • If your flight is within Alaska, your three check-in bags will be free of charge, but if you carry more than four bags, you must pay 150 dollars for each extra bag.

Alaska Airlines Baggage Rules

If you're planning to travel abroad with Alaska Airlines, the great news is that you can travel with Alaska Airlines with more luggage. Before making a reservation, be aware of the Alaska Airlines baggage policy; it will help you enjoy your trip without any hassle. Let's check Alaska Airlines' baggage rules. 

  • The airline allows each passenger to bring one handbag and one personal item without baggage fees.
  • Your free handbag size should not be more than 22 x 14 x 9 inches.
  • Some sports equipment airlines consider carry-on luggage.
  • You must pay 35 dollars for the first bag check-in if you buy an Economy class ticket.
  • The airline will not allow you to board the flight if your carry-on size Alaska Airlines weighs more than 100 pounds.
  • You can not carry some prohibited items on the flight, such as sharp objects, fire materials, acids, and any other harmful items that are prohibited by the airline.
  • You must attach the label to your bag.

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