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American Airlines Pet Policy - Flying with Your Pet




Enjoy your travel experience with your pets; American Airlines provides you with this opportunity. Under the terms and conditions, you can carry two small pets including cats and dogs in the cabin class. Everything you need to know about American Airlines' pet policy, including its pet cargo policy, will be covered in this article.

American Airlines Pet Policy

If your pet meets all the policy conditions, you will be required to obtain the airline's pet carrier approval. Only two dogs are allowed in the cabin class if their weight is at most 20 pounds. Small dogs and cats are allowed on American Airlines flights. If your flight is transatlantic or transpacific, you can not travel with your pet in cabin class. You should check the points given below, it will be beneficial to solve all your queries regarding American Airlines' pet policy

  • Only small dogs and cats are eligible to travel on this airline.
  • Your pets will not be allowed in the First and Business class.
  • This airline will not approve your pet's request until you submit the details of your pet's recent health check-up report.
  • American Airlines will transfer your pet into the cargo space if your pet cannot comfortably fit in a carrier.
  • Your pet must be at least eight weeks old so that you can travel on the same flight with your pet.
  • You must notify American Airlines about your pet at least ten days in advance of your departure.

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American Airlines Pet Policy For Dogs

You can travel in cabin class with your dog without any hassles even if it is little. American Airlines permits your dogs in the cabin class. If your dog size and weight does not exceed the maximum size & weight limit, airlines permit you to bring your pet to your own seat. Keep in mind that your dog temperature should not be high because airlines do not allow unhealthy pets on their flights. If you wish to travel with your pet, you must contact the airline's sales team at least ten days in advance before the departure. Before making your pet reservation, you must review the pet policy. 

  • Carrier size shouldn't be larger than 19 *13 * 9 inches. 
  • Your dog should be 8 weeks old. If it is less than 8 weeks, it can not be eligible to travel.
  • You must submit your pet's medical report, which must be updated.
  • This flight does not allow dangerous dog breeds.
  • Only two small dogs are allowed in cabin class.
  • Only dogs are allowed in the cabin class if your arrival destinations are Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Fly in American Airlines Pet in Cabin

If you have a small dog or cat, you can fly with your pet in cabin class. The airline permits your pet to travel in cabin class if it can fit comfortably on a seat. Only small cats and dogs are allowed in the cabin class. If you have two pets, you will be required to buy an additional seat. Here are some important points about the cabin class pet policy.

  • In cabin class, only two pets are allowed. 
  • You will have to purchase a cage for your pet.
  • It is required that your pet be at least eight weeks old.
  • Airlines will not permit you to remove your pet from its cage during a flight.
  • Airlines will not accept your pet's request if your pet's health report is not good. 
  • If your flight is transatlantic or transpacific, you are not allowed to bring your pet to cabin class.

Restricted Routes For Pets

There are some restricted routes where the airline does not allow pets of any breed to fly. See the below-restricted routes for pets, where you cannot fly on the same flight with your pet. If your pet is pregnant, the airline will not allow your pet in flight. 

  • Australia 
  • Canada 
  • Caribbean 
  • Within the USA
  • Hawaii

American Airlines Pet Carrier Requirements

The pet carrier size depends on your pet's size and weight. Without a pet carrier, you can travel with your pet on the same flight. If you have two pets of the same size, you can adjust them in a single carrier. Only one carrier is allowed in the cabin class; if you have a large size of pet you can not fly with them in a cabin class. In American Airlines flights, birds are not allowed to travel with their owner. 

How Do I Make Reservations For My Pet On American Airlines?

You will need to purchase a ticket for your pet if you want to travel with them. You must notify the airline about your pet ten days in advance of the departure date. To make a reservation for your pet, call +61(1800) 718 568. You will be able to connect with a real person who will assist you in making your pet reservation. With American Pet Policy you can reserve a pet sheet in advance. Give them information about your pet, such as its size, weight, age, and health report.

If you want to book a ticket for your pet through, follow these steps.

  • Go to Google and type American Airlines' pet policy.
  • When you click the official link, You will automatically navigate to the pet booking option, where you can make a pet reservation.    
  •  Choose the flight.
  • Select the arrival location and choose the departure date.
  • Before making a reservation, you must submit a pet report.
  • If your pet request is approved by the airline, then you must pay the charges, including tax.  

American Airlines Pet Fee

Airlines impose a pet fee for those passengers who want to travel with their pets. If you are planning to fly with your pet, then you will have to pay a fee. You can pay the pet fee at the airport during check-in. If your pet cannot fit comfortably in the cabin class, it will be transported on a cargo flight. If you're your pet transporting cargo, the fee will be decided at the airport. American pet policy helps you reduce flight fees. If your flight is within the USA and Canada, you will have to pay 125$. Airlines do not impose a charge for service animals.

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