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Southwest Airlines Pet Policy - Pets On Planes




Do you want to travel with your pets? This is an opportunity provided by Southwest Airlines. This airline allows small pets to travel with their owners and makes traveling with your pet easier. To acquire more information about Southwest Airlines' pet policy, read the points below. They will help answer your queries.

What Is The Pet Policy for Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines permits small domestic cats and dogs to travel with their owner in the cabin class. This airline does not allow pets on their international flights. You have no option to book your pet reservation through online services. southwest pet policy allows you to travel with pets. If you plan to travel with your pet, you must inform the airline 15 days before departure. Only six pets are allowed in the cabin class. You can purchase a pet carrier at the airport. This airline only allows domestic cats and small dogs to fly. Pet fees will be accepted at the ticket counter. It is not mandatory to submit a health report of your pet, but it must be vaccinated. You can now travel to any place in the world with Southwest Airlines flights. 

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Southwest Airlines Pet Carrier Requirements

Your pet should remain in the carrier during the flight; You are not allowed to take your pet out of the carrier. 

  • One pet carrier is allowed in cabin class.
  • If you have two pets the same size and weigh 15 pounds each, you can adjust them to a single carrier.
  • Your pet request will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Your pet carrier must be comfortably in front of your seat.
  • If your pet is found misbehaving at the airport, airline staff will immediately deny your pet request.
  • You are not permitted to travel in a cabin class with a large pet.
  • Pet carriers should not exceed 17 x 9.5 x 10.
  • The pet carrier should be waterproof and ventilated on all sides.

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Checked Baggage Pet Policy

If you fly with your pet, you must follow the checked baggage pet policy. You will need to check baggage, if your arrival destination is within the US, Canada, Mexico, or Central America. You can reduce the fees by using Southwest's pet policy. The Pets checked baggage fee will incur $200 per carrier. Two pets are allowed in cabin class, with a maximum combined weight of 100 pounds. During the checked baggage, you must submit the pet's health reports and pay the fee to the airline. 

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Southwest Airlines Pet Policy Fees

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed to fly on the same flight with you unless a reservation is made in advance. Southwest Airlines imposes a pet fee if anyone wishes to bring their pet on the same flight. You will have to pay a 100$ fee for each pet carrier. One more thing is that you will get a full refund if you cancel your flight. The pet travel fee is mandatory for every passenger and Southwest Airlines flights can help you travel the world at low prices. 

Southwest Airlines Flying With Pets

You will have to contact Southwest Airlines before 15 days of departure and must follow the pet policy. If your flight is international, you can't travel with your pet. You can ensure the safety of your pets by following the Southwest Pet Policy. This airline allows only six pets on its flight. You must buy the pet carrier from the airports; without taking the carrier, you can not bring your pets in cabin class if your pet's weight is over 15 pounds, so you can not fly with your pet in cabin class.

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Southwest Airlines allows pets only on domestic flights. They allow only six pets in cabin class. Small dogs and cats are permitted on this airline, and your pet's weight should not be more than 15 pounds. You must have to pay 100 dollars for your reservation. With the Southwest Pet Policy, you can fly with your pets and make your trip better. The airline will give you a full refund if you wish to cancel your ticket.  

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