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If you are planning a trip with Turkish Airlines soon, being fully informed about their luggage policy will be helpful. You must review an airline's policies before deciding to fly with them for your convenience.

As you continue reading these articles about Turkish Airlines baggage policy, you’ll find everything from their hand luggage and checked baggage allowance to the items allowed and restricted on board.

What is Turkish Airline's baggage policy? 

Turkish Airlines baggage policy is all about the size and weight of your baggage. Things are based on weight and piece concept as well. Some items are not allowed in cabin baggage, some are banned in checked baggage, and some are not allowed at all. 

Turkish Airline Carry-on Baggage Allowance

You can use the Turkish Airlines baggage calculation tool to view their destination-based cabin baggage allowance. The most accurate information about baggage allowance on the ticket you have bought will be given on the ticket. Despite that, let's look at Turkish Airlines’s carry-on baggage allowance.


  1. Weight and Size Limitations


According to Turkish Airlines baggage policy, the carry-on baggage weight and size limitations are as follows: 

Class of travel


Weight (should not exceed)

Size (should not exceed)

Economy Class

Personal item: 1


4 kg

Economy Class

Cabin bags: 1


8 kg

Business class

Personal item bag: 1


4 kg

Business class

Cabin bags: 2


8 kg

Infant passengers are allowed one piece of luggage per eight kg in economy and business class on both domestic and international flights. 

      2. Items Allowed in the Cabin

These goods are yours to carry inside the cabin:

  • shaving foam and toothpaste 
  • Baby food (liquid and solid, both)
  • respiratory devices and apparatus 
  • Suit bags (114x60x11cm).
  • Medicines
  • Lighter (provided it is in the baggage)
  • Make-up items such as cream, lotion, mascara, and lipstick.
  • Tennis or squash racquet (if they are in a special bag)

The liquids that are allowed are perfume, deodorant, and contact lens solutions. However, according to the Turkish Airlines baggage allowance policy, they should be carried in sizes less than 100 ml in the original containers. Additionally, all the liquid containers in the form of 100 ml should be packed in a 1-litre zip-lock bag, and the bag should be transparent. You can carry only one bag in the cabin. 

  1. Items Prohibited in the Cabin

Turkish Airlines' international baggage allowance policy places limitations on what can be brought on board in cabin baggage. But you are allowed to fly those as cargo. 

From the list below, you can see what can't be brought on board as cabin luggage: 

  • Hand sanitizer and similar liquids are not allowed as they may harm aircraft.
  • Golf, baseball, cricket, etc. It is not allowed to bring bats or similar things into the cabin or with cabin luggage.
  • prohibited to carry flammable materials, such as camp stoves. 
  • prohibited to carry sharp items that cut and pierce, such as sewing kits. 

Turkish Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

Regardless of the weight and piece concept, single baggage cannot exceed 32 kg. Over 32 kg of luggage needs to be divided into two or more parts and transported that way.

According to Turkish Airlines baggage allowance policy, the following size and weight limitations apply based on the weight and piece concept: 

Baggage concept

Economy class (Size and Weight)

Business class (Size and Weight)

Weight concept

Not more than 158 cm

23 kg

Not more than 158 cm

32 kg

Piece concept

23 kg (2 pieces allowed)

32 kg (2 pieces allowed)

Infant travelers can check in with up to 8 kilograms of cabin baggage and a stroller that is no longer than 115 cm.  

Turkish Airlines Excess Baggage Policy

Turkish Airlines is concerned about your expectations and worries regarding excess baggage. Let's learn about Turkish Airlines' favorable excess baggage charges that guarantee relaxing flights!

In line with Turkish Airlines baggage policy, the excess baggage allowance is as follows:

For passengers in Business Class, 30 kg of weight is allowed for adults, and 10 kg of weight is allowed for infants. The baggage charge per kg is 12 Turkish Lira.

For passengers in Economy Class, 20 kg of weight is allowed for adults, and 10 kg of weight is allowed for infants. The baggage charge per kg is 12 Turkish Lira.

If you want to know the Turkish Airlines' extra baggage price, then you can check out the excess baggage calculator. 

For passengers traveling with infants, the additional baggage allowance is divided into three categories: 

  • Free baggage allowance is not included in the Ecofly package for flights from Turkey to or from Europe or Tel Aviv.
  • One piece (23 kg) of free luggage is allowed on routes that are covered by the piece baggage application.
  • There is a 10-kilogram free luggage allowance on other routes. 

Turkish Airlines Lost, Delayed, or Damaged Baggage 

Turkish Airlines makes extra efforts to ensure that your luggage arrives at its destination undamaged and without going missing. But occasionally, unanticipated events cause the luggage to be misplaced, delayed, or damaged. 

According to Turkish Airlines baggage rules, should any of the following occur to you:

  • You have not received the baggage at the end of the flight.
  • You received your damaged luggage.
  • Received your baggage with certain items missing. 
  • Get your luggage later than expected.
  • On the plane, leave some of your stuff or your bags behind.

Should you ever find yourself in a position like this, you can visit the website to view the necessary procedures.

To report lost luggage, all you have to do is contact the Turkish Airlines Lost & Found Office located at the airport. A reference number for your misplaced luggage will be sent to you as soon as you apply.

Please keep the baggage tag and boarding pass for further processing until your problem gets solved.

Hand Baggage on Turkish Airlines

As per the Turkish Airlines baggage allowance, each passenger can bring a handbag weighing no more than eight kilograms. To be carried in the cabin, your luggage must not be larger than 55cm by 40cm x 23cm.

Sports and Musical Instruments Accepted on Turkish Airlines

Taking your hobby with you is very convenient. There are very easy but somewhat different rules for sports and musical instruments. Let's have a look! 

Musical Instruments

According to Turkish Airlines baggage rules, standard baggage rules will apply to musical instruments for transport. They will fall under the free cabin baggage allowance if their weight does not exceed 8 kg and their size is 118 cm, along with their carrying case.

On the passenger's request, musical instruments can be transported as paid cabin baggage (CBBG). The amount of cabin baggage is equal to the tax-free net-fare on the purchased ticket, with a minimum amount of USD 200 in one way in an Economy Class cabin, and the cost doubles for a round trip. Baggage in Business Class cabins costs USD 500 one way and USD 1000 for the return trip.

Larger instruments, like contrabass, are transported in the aircraft hold as checked baggage. 

Sports Equipment

On the contrary, sports equipment is only allowed as checked baggage and carried in aircraft holds. Any sporting goods weighing more than 32 kg must be packed in two sections, and both pieces will be charged individually.

According to Turkish Airlines baggage rules, domestic flights charge 395 TRY to transport one sports equipment. The cost is 590 TRY for flights to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Restricted Items That You Cannot Bring on Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines provides you with the safest journey. Consequently, for safety purposes, many things are banned from traveling within the aircraft. Some items are allowed in checked baggage, some are in the cabin, and some are not allowed at all. For this concern and by the Turkish Airlines International baggage allowance policy, the below-mentioned things are not allowed on board. 

According to Turkish Airlines international baggage allowance, things are prohibited in cabin luggage but allowed in checked baggage:

  • Toy guns or gun-shaped lighters.
  • lithium-ion battery containing wheelchairs or movement aids.
  • Portable electronic devices with non-leak batteries
  • Medical or clinical thermometers
  • Hair curling devices containing hydrocarbon gas
  • Sharp items (such as knives, penknives, and umbrellas shaped like walking sticks).
  • Medical oxygen cylinders belonging to the passenger
  • First-aid bags
  • Dry ice
  • Camping stoves containing inflammable liquid fuel
  • Arms and ammunition
  • All cues (pool, billiard, etc.) 

According to Turkish Airlines international baggage allowance, things allowed in cabin luggage but banned in checked baggage are:

  • Thermometers and barometers containing mercury
  • Matchbox or lighter
  • tiny amounts of non-infectious samples stored in flammable liquid

According to Turkish Airlines International Baggage Allowance, below are things that are not allowed at all:

  • Safe bags, money bags, etc.
  • Personal self-defense items such as pepper spray
  • Personal self-defense items such as electroshock devices


What should I do if my luggage gets lost?

No problem at all. According to Turkish Airlines baggage policy, you just have to fill out the form at the lost and found counter at the airport. They will start the searching process right away and inform you.

What are the benefits of a premium ticket?

According to Turkish Airlines baggage policy, you will not be charged for baggage if you have a premium ticket.

What if my luggage gets extra?

According to Turkish Airlines baggage policy, if your luggage exceeds their weight and size limitations, you will have to pay 12 Turkish Lira in both business and economy class, per extra kg.


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