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JetBlue Baggage Policy & Fees




Are you planning to travel abroad? Packing is simple with JetBlue Airlines. You have only two options to avoid excess baggage fees: first,  travel with a minimum number of bags, and second, enroll in membership. This page will answer all your questions regarding JetBlue's baggage policy, including the maximum weight and dimensions of luggage.

What is JetBlue Baggage Policy?

With JetBlue Airline your first bag and one personal item will be accepted without incurring fees if your luggage weighs less than 50 pounds.

Follow the points below, which will provide you with beneficial information about JetBlue's baggage policy. 

  • Two small bags are allowed in Basic or Economy class without incurring charges. 
  • If you want to avoid excess baggage fees, your bag weight should be less than 50 pounds. 
  • You must pay extra luggage fees if you travel with more than two bags.
  • You can not carry harmful items in your bags.
  • Excess luggage fees are not fixed for every passenger, it is based on their reservation type. 
  • This airline considers these things as personal items, such as purses, briefcases, laptops, and books. 
  • The maximum weight limit of luggage is 44 kg, over the 44kg you cannot carry.

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Carry-on Baggage:

With JetBlue Airlines, you may check two bags for free. Remember that the total size of your bag, including the wheels, should not be more than 45 inches. The fees will apply if you carry more than two bags. Let's look at some essential points about carry-on baggage. 

  1. You can carry one personal thing, including a purse, laptop, small briefcase, and book.
  2. Without paying additional charges, you can bring one small bag, which size should not be more than (56 x 36 x 23 cm)   
  3. It is important to check the specific guidelines for JetBlue baggage policy. Under the guidelines, you can not carry sharp or harmful items.
  4. Your personal item size should not be more than (43*33*20 cm)

Checked Baggage:

Additional fees will be applied if your luggage does not cover the free checked bags policy. JetBlue Airlines permits you two free checked bags. Check some important points about checked baggage rules; it will be beneficial for you during check-in. 

  1. If you have more than two bags, fees will apply under the baggage rules.
  2. During making a reservation, you must add the details about your luggage.
  3. The maximum size of a checked bag should be up to 62 inches and weigh 23 kg.
  4. You must apply for a checked bag on the JetBlue website if your checked luggage is not included with your ticket. 
  5. 125 dollars will be charged for the third bag check-in and 150 dollars for the fourth. 
  6. If your flight is between the US and Canada, you must pay approx (35)2 dollars for the first bag check and the second bag check (50)3.

Benefits of JetBlue Baggage Policy

You will get a lot of benefits from JetBlue's baggage policy. Let's look at some of the benefits of baggage policy here. 

  • This airline offers free checked bags, that is you can bring one bag and one personal item.
  • If you have a JetBlue membership, you will get a lot of benefits such as extra baggage allowance, overweight & oversized allowance, and reduced check-in bag fees. 
  • This airline mentions all necessary information about baggage maximum weight & size and a limited number of checked bags in the JetBlue baggage policy. 
  • You can use the tracking option, which will be beneficial in measuring your baggage size restrictions. 
  • You will get more benefits through your credit card, such as get discounts on reservations, priority boarding, and free check bags. 

What Is The Baggage Fee for JetBlue's Basic Economy?

JetBlue Airline luggage charges are more straightforward in comparison to other airlines. If you are planning to fly with JetBlue Airlines, then the size of your small luggage must not exceed 56 x 36 x 23 cm. This size limit is only for those who have booked Economy class. 

  1. You must pay 150 dollars for each extra bag if you carry a weight between 23-43 kg.
  2. If your bag size is between 63 80 inches, including wheels, then you must pay 150 dollars per luggage.
  3. The airline will not accept your luggage for transatlantic flights if you carry more than 31 kg.
  4. Airlines impose 200-dollar charges if you check your third bag or fourth bag. 

JetBlue Economy Charge For Baggage?

If you plan to book your ticket for the Economy class and your flight is transatlantic, you will have to pay 75 dollars for your first bag check. Airlines charge you $200 if you check your third or fourth luggage. You will need to pay $150 for the first bag check-in and $200 for each additional bag if your flight is domestic. In the Economy class, you carry weight up to 45 kg. You can enjoy three free checked bags if you are covered under JetBlue Airlines membership.

Fees for Excess and Overweight Baggage

You can carry more than two bags with JetBlue Airlines, but it will be subject to charges. Excess and overweight baggage fees vary depending on the type of ticket you purchase. Read the points given below, it will help you to know about different types of excess and overweight baggage charges.

  • You will have to pay 150 dollars if you carry more than three bags.
  • If your luggage weighs between 24 - 45 kg, you must pay 150 dollars.
  • The airline does not permit holding hand language more than 46 kg.
  • If your flight is from the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Trinidad and Tobago, you can not carry more than 50 pounds.
  • Charges will apply 150$ per bag if your luggage size is between 158 and 203 cm.
  • You can not carry luggage that's size over 203 cm, including wheels.

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Ways to Avoid Baggage Fees with JetBlue 

Do you want to avoid baggage fees? Follow the given points below:

  • You should carry only small bags.
  • Try to carry a maximum of two bags.
  • You should take advantage of JetBlue membership because, with the help of membership, you can enjoy lots of benefits.
  • Book your flight in Business or First class; you will get an extra baggage allowance and use JetBlue baggage policy.
  • If you travel to some specific international destination, including Paris, your first bag will be checked free of cost.

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