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Do you wish to travel with your pets on vacation? Cathay Pacific Airlines gives you offers that allow you to enjoy your travel experience with your pets. Here you will get all the information about the Cathay Pacific pet policy, which will be beneficial for you and your pet. 

Table of contents 

  1. Cathay Pacific pet policy Pet Criteria
  2. In-cabin
  3. Cathay Pacific Pet Fees
  4. Certain Requirements for Pet Carriers
  5. Guidelines for passengers traveling with guide dogs
  6. Pets as checked baggage 
  7. Cat container terms and conditions   
  8. Overweight and oversized pet fee. 

Cathay Pacific pet policy Pet Criteria

Are you planning to fly with your lovely pet? Cathay Pacific Airlines allows you to enjoy your trip with your pets, but you will have to follow the Cathay Pacific pet policy. Only service dogs are permitted in the cabin class. Take a look at the pet policy criteria.

  • Dogs, cats, and birds are not allowed in cabin class with their owners.
  • In cabins, only certified dogs are allowed with their owners.
  • The airline does not charge a pet fee for certified dogs in cabin class.
  • Dogs, cats, and birds can travel in the cargo. 
  • You will have to pay pet charges; the airline will calculate pet charges according to per kg of your pet weight.
  • Until you provide the recent health check-up report of your pet, this airline will not approve your pet's request.
  • To travel on the same flight with your pet, the pet must be at least eight weeks old.
  • Pet owners are required to notify airlines at least ten days before the scheduled departure date.

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Cathay Pacific Pet Fees

If a passenger wants to bring their pet on the flight, it will be subject to a pet fee. When you check in at the airport, you must pay the pet fee. They will calculate the weight of your pet and charge you accordingly. An additional cost of 150 dollars applies for each over-size limit of up to 70lb. If your pet weighs up to 32 kg, charges will be imposed at 150 dollars. If your pet size is up to 203 cm and weighs up to 32kg, you must pay 300 dollars. You will have to book your pet reservation at least 48 hours before the departure. You have no right to provide food to your pet within 4 hours of their departure.

Certain Requirements for Pet Carriers

If you want to fly with your pet without any hassle, check out the pet carrier guidelines given below.

  • You should check that your pet carrier is perfectly lockable, has ventilation holes, and is waterproof.
  •  The pet carrier should be comfortable; your pet can stand, sit, and move around comfortably.
  • You must attach a water bottle to your pet's carrier.
  • Remember that a pet carrier should have enough ventilation holes.
  • The IATA should approve your pet carrier.
  • They do not allow wooden pet carriers. 

Guidelines for passengers traveling with guide dogs

Most of the passengers wish to fly with their lovely dogs. If you also plan to fly with your dog, follow the guidelines. Here are some guidelines and pointers about guide dogs. 

  • At least your dog must be four months old; if it is less than four months old, the airline will not allow it on the flight.
  • A dog must be fully trained by certified trainers; if it is not trained, the airline will transfer the cargo. 
  • Your dog should be with you until you reach your destination. 
  • Cathay Pacific Airlines allows service dogs on the flight with their owner.
  • Service dogs can travel with their owner in the Cabin Aircraft.  
  • Dogs can fly on the flight if they meet all requirements under the Cathay Pacific Airlines pet policy. 

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Pets as checked baggage 

Under the Cathay Pacific pet policy, if your pet does not meet cabin class terms and conditions, they will transfer it on cargo and consider your pet as checked baggage. If your flight is out of Hong Kong, you must contact the local Cathay Pacific office; they will accept your pet on the flight or not. If your service dog is trained, your pet can travel with you without any disturbance. You will have to follow pet carrier terms and conditions because there are some restrictions for pet carriers.

Cat container terms and conditions   

If you are planning to travel with your pet, you must fulfill the cat container or carrier terms and conditions under the pet policy. 

  • Cathay Pacific Airlines allows you to bring a cat carrier that should be made of solid fiberglass, wooden, or metal.
  • Cat carriers must have proper ventilation holes so your cat can breathe comfortably. 
  • You will need to attach your pet's health certificate along with its carrier.
  • Without certified doctor approval, you can not fly with your pet. 
  • This airline does not accept restricted pet breeds.

Overweight and oversized pet fee. 

Cathay Pacific Airlines imposes a pet fee if you carry an overweight or oversized pet on the flight. Under the pet policy, the pet fee will be based on your pet's weight and size. Let's 

check the pet fee: 

  • Pet fee for excess weight & size of pet.


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Pet overweight and oversized 

Pet fee


Up to 70lb

Below 158 cm size of the pet

150 dollars


Up to 50lb/ 23 kg

Below 203 cm

150 dollars


Up to 70 lb/ 32 kg

Up to 203 cm

300 dollars


More than 70 lb/ 32 kg Charges will be multiples of 4 times the minimum fee.

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