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Emirates Airlines Pet Policy | Pet-friendly Partner




If you are flying with your pet on Emirates Airlines, you have made a good choice. And why not? Emirates Airlines provides the best services for the safety and comfort of pets. You will need IATA pet carrier approval for a pet reservation on the flight, and you must inform Emirates Airlines about your pet reservation before departure. Here you will get all the information about Emirates Airlines Pet Policy, and you can easily make a pet reservation. 

What is Emirates Airlines?

Emirates Airlines does not allow pets in the cabin class. However, except for the guide dogs, they will transfer your pet into the cargo space. Look at the below highlights of Emirates Airlines pet policy. 

  • Your pet can travel as checked baggage in the cargo area. 
  • You must fill out the form to make a pet reservation with Emirates Airlines. 
  • You will have to inform the airline at least 1 week before your scheduled departure. 
  • Emirates Airlines will charge you a pet fee under the Emirates Airlines Pet Policy.
  • This airline does not allow some restricted pets on the flight.
  • The pet fee will be calculated according to your pet's weight and size.  

Emirates Airlines Pet Cargo Policy

Under Emirates Airlines' pet cargo policy, pets that do not meet the airline's cabin class requirements will be moved to the cargo space. If your pet weighs more than the maximum weight, it will be moved to the cargo area. However, this airline does not allow pigs in their aircraft. Without IATA pet carrier approval, pets can not travel with you. A restricted and large size of pets can travel in the cargo area.  

Are Emirates Airlines Pets in Cabins Allowed for Travel?

Yes, Emirates Airlines does not allow pets in the cabin area. In the cabin space, only guide dogs are eligible for travel. However, other pets, such as cats or dogs, can travel in cargo space. If your pet meets the cabin class requirements, you can travel with them and make unforgettable memories. Except for guide dogs, airlines moved pets into a cargo area. 

What is the pet policy of Emirates for animals checked in with bags?

Your pet will be considered checked baggage or not, depending on your flight destination. As per the Emirates Airlines pet policy restrictions, if your flight duration is 17 hours or less, the airline will consider your pet as checked baggage. Here are some guidelines below for checked baggage animals.

  • Your pet must be 4 years old or more than.
  • You will have to make a pet reservation at least 7 days before departure.  
  • Restricted animal breeds are not allowed on the flight. 
  • You will be required to get an IATA pet carrier approval for a pet reservation.  

What are the Emirates Pet travel fees?

Pet reservations are subject to pet travel fees. Emirates Airlines will charge you a pet fee if you travel with your pet. Under IATA pet carrier guidelines, airline pet departments decide whether your pet is eligible for travel or not. Let's review the Emirates Airlines pet fee.

  • The airline will charge 500 dollars if the pet weighs less than 23 kg.
  • If your pet weighs between 24 to 32 kg, you will have to pay 650 dollars.  
  • Emirates Airlines imposes an 800-dollar pet fee if the pet's weight is more than 32 kg.
  • However, if your pet's size is more than 118 inches, under the cargo service.     

What is Emirates Pet Plus service?

If your pet flies to Dubai, Emirates Airlines provides its passengers with pet plus service. Under the Pet Plus service, airline agents will pick up your pets from your house. When your flight takes off your final destination, airline agents will drop off your pet in the city. Your pet container should be clean. To use the Pet Plus service, you will have to connect with Emirates Airlines representatives.    

What Documents should be Submitted to make an Emirates Pet Cargo Reservation?

If you want to travel with your pet, you must follow the Emirates Airlines pet travel policy. When making a pet reservation, you will be required to have some essential documents, such as your details, Government ID proof, medical report, and passport. To make an Emirates Airline pet reservation, you will have to fill out the form 7 days before departure.

How To Connect Emirates Airlines

You can connect with Emirates Airlines by using different ways. Through social media accounts, you can contact them. Apart from social media accounts, you can connect with Emirates Airlines by calling their toll-free number/ customer care number. Check out the links below, where you can contact the Emirates Airlines representatives.  

Why choose Emirates for your pet?

Emirates Airlines is the best airline for your pet. They provide more flexible service. This airline does not have a limit on the maximum number of pets that can be carried. One more special thing about this airline is that they provide a pet pick-up and drop-off facility. They take care of your pet very carefully.  

Emirates Airlines Banned breeds

Emirates Airlines banned some pet breeds on their flights under its pet restrictions policy. Go through the list below of restricted pets that you can bring on the flight. 

Banned breeds of dogs: 

Affenpinscher, American Cocker Spaniel, Brussels Griffon, All breeds of Bulldog, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chow Chow, Dogo Argentino, Dogue de Bordeaux, Japanese Chinm, King Charles Spaniel, Lowchen, Pit Bull Terrier.

Banned breeds of Cats:

British Shorthair, Burmese, Exotic Shorthair, Exotic Fold (Foldex), Himalayan, Persian, Scottish Fold, Selkirk Rex.

Pet-friendly Emirates

Emirates Airlines is one of the most pet-friendly airlines. They allow pets on their flights. Under the Pet Plus service, they pick up your pet from your home and drop it off at your final destination in the city. Emirates Airlines service staff will take care of your pet during the flight. You will have to inform Emirates Airlines one week before your scheduled departure. 


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